Tim Cook Signs Letter to Trump on Immigration Laws

Tim Cook, along with other CEOs, signed a letter to President Trump asking for more consistent and streamlined immigration laws (via Fortune).

[Apple Among 97 Companies in Filing Against Trump’s Immigration Ban]


The letter mentions that a lot of employees are stuck in an immigration process that can last over a decade. This forces them to keep renewing their temporary work visas, which can be a hard process too.

Image of Tim Cook and President Trump

Out of fairness to these employees — and to avoid unnecessary costs and complications for American businesses — the U.S. government should not change the rules in the middle of the process. Inconsistent government action and uncertainty undermines economic growth and American competitiveness and creates anxiety for employees who follow the law. In many cases, these employees studied here and received degrees from U.S. universities, often in critical STEM fields.

You can read the full letter on Fortune.com.

[Federal Court Blocks Part of Trump’s Immigration Executive Order]

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