Tim Cook Tweets Global Shot on iPhone Campaign

Tim Cook recently tweeted some photos showcasing photos from all around the world as part of the Shot on iPhone campaign. The iPhone camera is considered one of the best in the mobile market, and Apple likes to give a shout out to artists.

Shot on iPhone

As an VSCO myself, I love that Apple recognizes artists. Art—not just music—is in Apple’s DNA. After all, one of the company’s most famous marketing campaigns is Think Different.

I love each photo, and they tell a story of travel—through the woods, down the street, into the air. They were taken with the iPhone X, and that model has a powerful dual-lens camera. The photo of the hot air balloons really emphasizes the X’s HDR capabilities, while the other two are examples of the new image sensor’s low-light power. In the street photo, the way that black shadows are maintained in the face of bright streetlights speaks of the camera team’s commitment.

And you better believe that Apple has a dedicated camera team. For example, when it came to the iPhone 6s, there were at least 800 people working on the camera alone. Whether or not that number has increased or decreased with the new models, it shows that iPhones are more than capable of posing as your everyday camera.

You can also find Shot on iPhone photos on Apple’s Instagram page.

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