‘Trying’ Season Two Launch on Apple TV+ Pushed Back a Week to May 21

Nikki and Jason from Trying

It looks likes the release of season two of the British Apple TV+ comedy Trying has been pushed back a week. It was originally set to premiere on May 14, but a video released Friday gave the date of May 21.

‘Trying’ Season Two Coming to Apple TV+ May 21

My colleague Andrew Orr reported on the upcoming release of Trying season two back when it was announced in March. Notably, the link to the original release from Apple TV+ giving the date no longer works. I couldn’t find the release on the Apple TV+ PR page either. The updated launch date was revealed in a new recap video from the perspective of Jason:

The delay of just a few days is not a huge deal, but worth noting nonetheless. Apple TV+ subscribers can watch season one of Trying now.

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