TSA Tracking Involves Everyone, Not Just Terrorists

To the surprise of no one, TSA tracking involves everyone, not just terrorists or wanted people. Federal air marshals collect information under a secret domestic surveillance program (via Boston Globe).

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TSA Tracking

Even if you aren’t suspected of a crime, you are being tracked by the TSA. The hitherto secret program Quiet Skies targets travelers who “are not under investigation by any agency and are not in the Terrorist Screening Data Base,” according to an internal TSA bulletin.

Image of TSA tracking checklist.
TSA tracking checklist

According to the TSA, there are no terrorists vs. not terrorists. Instead it seems like everyone is either an unknown or partially unknown terrorist. There is a special behavior checklist that determines whether a special team of air marshals will track you.

Do you have a cold, penetrating stare? Do you fidget? Do you use a computer? Does your Adam’s apple “jump”? If any of these apply to you, you might be checked against terrorist watch lists and other databases.

Behavior Checklist

  1. Subject was abnormally aware of surroundings. (If observed, check any that apply below) | Y N Unknown
  2. Subject exhibited Behavioral Indicators. (If observed, check any that apply below) | Y N Unknown
  3. Subject’s appearance was different from information provided. (If yes, check any that apply below) | Y N Unknown
  4. Subject slept during the flight. (If observed, check any that apply below) | Y N Unknown
  5. General Observations. (Provide detailed descriptions of any electronic devices in subject’s possession in AAR) | Y N Unknown
  6. For Domestic Arrivals Only. (If possible, provide identifiers (license plate, vehicle description) of pick up vehicle in AAR) | Y N Unknown

The Boston Globe‘s full article is worth a read, and it has a list of airports where this tracking is going on.

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