Twitter Says it is Taking on The Trolls and Pro-Actively Finding Abusive Content

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Twitter said Tuesday it is pro-actively tackling more abusive content than before.  It said that 38% of all abusive content that is enforced is now found by its teams, not reported by users.

Keeping Suspended Users Suspended

In a blog post, David Gasca, the firm’s Senior Director, Product Management, Health, said that 3 times more abusive accounts were suspended within 24 hours after a report compared with the same time last year. He added that between January and March 2019 Twitter suspended 100,000 accounts created after a suspension. The figure is a 45% increase from the same time last year.

The blog highlighted the 38% increase in Twitter’s own teams finding abusive content before it is reported. This time last year, 0% of potentially abuse content was proactively flagged for review by Twitter staff. “The same technology we use to track spam, platform manipulation and other rule violations is helping us flag abusive Tweets to our team for review,” wrote Mr. Gasca.

Elsewhere, Mr. Gasca wrote that Twitter had:

  • 16% fewer abuse reports after an interaction from an account the person reporting abuse did not follow
  • 60% faster appeal response-rate
  • removed 2.5 times more private information

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