UK Government Orders 11,000 iPhone SEs

The new range of iPhone SE devices

LONDON – The UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is to purchase 11,000 iPhone SEs. The devices are to be provided by a reseller, XMA, according to a contract spotted by Public Technology.

UK Government Purchases 11,000 iPhone SEs at Cut Price

DWP will pay £380 for each device, which retail at £399 in the UK. The total cost will be £4,181,628 (US$5.8 million). While bulk buying will always lead to some kind of discount, it is still notable that they are paying less for the devices than a consumer would as they will have waterproof and tamper-evident asset tags. These will contain bar codes and numbers, and the reseller is to provide the details of the tag number, IMEI identifier, and serial number for each iPhone SE. They are all 64GB models of the device that was released in 2020. The Mac Observer reached out to the DWP Press Office to try and find out more about how these devices are to be used but had received no answer at the time of this writing.

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