Apple Adds Activation Lock Webpage With Tools for Users

Apple activation lock page

Apple has created a new webpage for Activation Lock so people can turn the feature off and reset their Apple ID password in a browser.

Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a feature for IPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to keep devices secure in the event they get lost or stolen. It means that even if you remotely erase your device, the thief would still be unable to reactivate it under a different Apple ID.

There are times when you want to disable Activation Lock, like if you sell or gift your device. This webpage lets you do that, and also provides a link to Apple Support to request they disable Activation Lock if you want.

If you do so you’ll need to give them proof that you own the device, like its serial number or IMEI. Your device can’t be in Lost Mode and Apple can’t unlock a managed device as part of an enterprise device management setup. If Apple does disable Activation Lock for you your data will be permanently erased.

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