Apple’s Updated “Unreleased Products” Document Might Support Rumors of New Devices at March Event

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Rumors are still spreading that Apple could be holding an event in late March, and there’s now something else that might (or might not) suggest it is coming. That’s because the company recently updated its internal “unreleased products” document, which support staff usually refer to when customers ask about unannounced products.

Noted by the folks at MacRumors, the updates to the internal document are pretty vague. All that’s known per an Apple changelog is that it was “restructured and optimized,” and that’s it. There’s a chance that such an update could be related to all the products where hearing could be coming, or it could simply just be a quick re-write. Only Apple employees know the true updates, but since the document is often used when someone asks an Apple retail or support employee about new or upcoming products, we can’t help but believe it’s not just a coincidence, especially with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently spoke about how products could be coming soon.

So, what exactly could be coming in the March event? Well, there could be new iPad Pro models with OLED displays and the M3 chip with spec bumps to support the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards. An updated 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air with the M3 chip, and new iPhone colors are also possibilities.

Apple typically holds a spring event ahead of WWDC, and we’re already at the end of February so the big March event might only be a few weeks away. While we didn’t get a spring event in 2023, there was one in 2022 on March 8, and in 2021 on April 20, so look out for the same timing. The most recent of the Spring events were focused on Mac Studio, Studio Display, M1 ultra, iPad Air 5, new iPhone 12 colors, and iPhone SE 3.

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