The White House has dropped executive orders announced under the presidency of Donald Trump that sought to ban popular apps like TikTok and WeChat. Instead, it will conduct a new review into national security risks regarding apps linked to China, technology-biden-trump-d866cf95c7f1b802ffb88b2834117f0b">according to the Associated Press.

TikTok Ban Order Dropped

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration previously asked a court to delay the legal dispute over the banning proposed banning of TikTok, with a court filing explaining that the Commerce Department was investigating claims around threats to national security made by President Trump. There had also been extensive talks about the short-video platform being taken over by a U.S. firm, with a deal involved Oracle and Walmart Proposed.

Neither TikTok nor WeChat had issued a public comment at the time of this writing.

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Good. The ban was put in place out of a petty feud and political expediency. This was why it was thrashed in the courts. Whether TicToc or any other Chinese App is a security risk I a fair question. An assessment such as they are doing is a good first step. Then if an App, or a product is banned the DOJ will have the legal support for the action to make it stick in court. That5’s the difference between a spoiled man-child and a President.