Key macOS Monterey Features Only Work M1 Macs

macOS Monterey announcement

A number of features set to be rolled out with macOS Monterey will not work on Apple devices running on an Intel chip. MacRumors reported that some key features require the M1 chip.

macOS Monterey Features That Only Work on M1 Devices

The features requiring a Mac with an M1 chip include headline items such as Portrait Mode, Live Text in photos, and improvements to maps such as a 3D globe of the Earth and more detailed maps in major cities. Other macOS Monterey features that will not work without Apple silicon are the expansion of text-to-speech to more languages, and on-device and unlimited keyboard dictation. Interestingly, MacWorld reported that a new Mac Pro containing Intel processors is set to be released next year.

4 thoughts on “Key macOS Monterey Features Only Work M1 Macs

  • Disgusting bs and once again the tech press goose steps to apples bs marching orders. This noise about neural engine requirements is easily debunked. An 8 or 28 for Mac Pro or MacBook Pro that currently does 60 seconds of dictation can certainly do continuous dictation.

    This is a blatant apple money grab. The company has gone to hell in how evil it’s getting.

    1. I think it’s also worth looking at development time. Is it worth Apple engineers’ time to develop these new features for a second platform that will eventually go away? Apple Silicon isn’t just a Mac platform, it’s iOS and iPadOS, too. Stands to reason that economies of scale would dictate it just makes sense not to worry about sorting this for Intel. Is it possible on (some) Intel Macs? Sure. Is it worth developing for them? Probs not.

      1. Sure, your near entire base of loyal users, it’s not worth it. Just apologies. Yea, it’s worth it not to treat your customers like crap. In many cases, this is a function of hitting compile for another architecture to boot.

        So it’s BS that it can’t be done, now we’re apologizing that apple’s near installed base isnt worth the effort.

        How about this, apple are being scumbags about this. Yea, that’s the one I’m going with.

      2. Poor apple, with near infinite money and resources, can’t be bothered to take care of their near total installed user base. Cry me a river.

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