Wikipedia to Add More Language Support with Google Translate

The Wikimedia Foundation is partnering with Google to offer Google Translate into its own content translation tool. This adds support for an additional 15 languages, making the total count 121.

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Google Translate

Wikipedia editors have asked for Google Translate for some time now, with the blog post giving details:

Our content translation tool has been used to translate nearly 400,000 articles on Wikipedia. We leverage machine translation to support editors by producing an initial translation of an article they can then review, edit, and improve. Today, we’re excited to announce that Google Translate, one of the most advanced machine translation systems available today, will now be available for editors to utilize when translating articles through the content translation tool.

When providing the initial article translation, editors can choose from several machine learning systems. With Google Translate that adds an additional 15 languages editors can support, including Hausa, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Yoruba, and Zulu.

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Translations will be published under a free license that lets content be integrated back into Wikipedia in line with its licensing policies. No personal data will be shared with Google or Wikimedia as part of Google Translate’s integration into the content translation tool.

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