Will Smith Visits Apple Campus Ahead of Earth Day

Will Smith, his wife Jada Smith, and son Jaden Smith visited Apple Park Thursday. They discussed environmental issues ahead of Earth Day on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted his thanks to Jaden.], who runs the firm Just Water. It produces ethically sourced spring water that comes in paper-based bottles that have sugarcane caps (via MacRumors).

Celebrating Earth Day

Apple is marking Earth Day with an Apple Watch Challenge. It is offering a reward for users who do 30 minutes of outdoor activity. The company will also promote stories and collections in the app store and run environment-themed Today at Apple sessions.

The Smith family’s vist came on the same day Apple released its annual environment survey. The company also announced a recycling technology lab in Austin, Texas.

One thought on “Will Smith Visits Apple Campus Ahead of Earth Day

  • Caring for the earth aside, this is another diversity play to distract Apple customers from the appalling state of Apple product lineup. iPhones that nobody wants, notebooks with dodgy keyboards / MacBook Air slower than the years old models it replaced, overdue and bare minimum iMac updates and so on.

    And a tone-deaf diversity play at that. The Smiths, while African American as can be, are seen to be somewhat elite and only helping out their friends. Perhaps they’re rubbing up against Apple’s environmental cred, to boost their image, not to mention boost their son’s business as so carefully noted in the story.

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