Microsoft’s annual developer conference is today, called Build. The company has unveiled two Windows 10 iOS apps that will make it easier for your iPhone to work with your PC. First, an app called Your Phone will mirror your iPhone to Windows 10. Second, Microsoft’s Edge browser on iOS will soon be able to access Timeline.

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Unveils Two Windows 10 iOS Apps at its Build Conference. Image of Timeline.


Microsoft Edge is a redesigned version of Internet Explorer.  It has features like Continue on PC (Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Continuity), Hub View to manage your favorites, reading list, history, and bookmarks in one place, and data sync across devices. A feature called Timeline tracks what you’re doing and lets you find that information later.

Things it tracks includes what documents you have in which apps, what emails you’re writing, what websites you have open, etc. And soon you’ll be able to access Timeline on your iPhone. Microsoft will announce more information on this tomorrow.

Your Phone

Microsoft Unveils Two Windows 10 iOS Apps at its Build Conference. Image of Your Phone app.

Your Phone

A second app coming will be called Your Phone. It’s a new way to connect your iPhone to your PC. You’ll have instant access to texts, photos, and notifications. You can drag and drop files between devices. It will be available first to Windows Insiders to test starting this week.

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