You Can Now Add USB-C Port to Your AirPods Max With This Kit

USB-C AirPods Max

It’s no secret that Apple is gradually abandoning the Lightning port in favor of USB-C. The iPad, iPhone, and many other devices now ship with a USB-C port, but the audio devices, including the $549 AirPods Max, are still using a Lightning port.

That, however, has finally changed, as engineer Ken Pillonel manages to mod the AirPod Max headphones by switching the four-year-old headphones from a Lightning port to USB-C. 

In a YouTube video, Pillonel shows how to install his bespoke printed circuit board (PCB) with USB-C connectivity and how he made it fit comfortably within the headset without cutting any additional holes.

Pillonel discovered that removing the Lightning connector and leaving a precisely sized opening for a USB-C cable was simple. He then created a unique circuit board and identified the appropriate connector to ensure that everything functioned. On his first attempt, Pillonel was able to add a USB-C port to the AirPods Max.

Pillonel also thought about including USB-C audio capability but then abandoned the idea after they discovered that it would require an additional chip, raising the cost of the mod.

He’s also made the board available for purchase on his website for about $45, along with thorough installation instructions. If you can’t wait for a USB-C AirPod Max and are bold enough to hack your $549 headset, this mod is for you. 

On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting for an official USB-C AirPod Max or don’t want to risk damaging the headphones with the mode, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is gearing up to release a new version of its AirPods Max with USB-C and new color options later this year.

However, apart from an improved H2 processor, the speculations don’t specify any other significant technical modifications to the AirPods Max.


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