Apple Music Gets New Daily Personalized Heavy Rotation Mix

Apple Music Heavy Rotation Mix

Apple has quietly added a new personalized station to Apple Music called Heavy Rotation Mix, which updates daily.

Days after Apple allowed users to import playlists from Spotify and other streaming services to Apple Music, it has now added an automatically curated playlist of favorite songs. While Apple Music updates the Favorites Mix every week, the all-new Heavy Rotation Mix changes every day. 

Like the Favorites Mix, Get Up! Mix, Chill Mix, New Music Mix, and Friends Mix, the Heavy Rotation Mix also features 25 tracks, which are chosen based on how frequently the user plays them. 

“Heavy Rotation” is a radio term that refers to a song that is played frequently, this mix probably takes frequent plays into account as well.

This does imply that there are now three playlists or stations on Apple Music that are tailored especially to the music that users listen to frequently. In addition to the “Heavy Rotation” and “Favorites” mixes, the users also have their own stations.

Users have the Favorites Mix, your own station in Stations for You, and now the Heavy Rotation mix. The difference with the Heavy Rotation mix, despite the overlap, is that it appears to be more heavily weighted toward music heard within the recent month or so.

Then, there is Get Up! Mix. A user’s favorites are usually, but not always, added to the “Get Up! Mix”.

Anyway, to find this new mix, launch the Apple Music app on your device. Navigate to the Made for You section by scrolling down from the Listen Now (Home tab). That’s where the orange/yellow Heavy Rotation Mix card will show up. Press it to see the music it suggests and begin listening.

Have you tried the new Heavy Rotation mix yet? Let us know your experience in the comments. 


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