Your AirPods Max Probably Won’t Arrive Time For Christmas

Airpods max

Apple unveiled its new AirPods Max headphones on Tuesday, accompanied by a huge $549 price tag. However, many will not get the audio accessory in time for Christmas.

AirPods Max Delivery Times Lag Until After Christmas

Bloomberg News reported that there were wait times of 12-14 weeks, across all five colors of the AirPods Max. In the UK, the earliest delivery date I could find was January 7, 2021, for certain colors, not engraved. In the U.S. all colors stated a three month wait time for the none-engraved versions. The Space Gray and Silver engraved models had a 6-7 week wait time, the shortest at the time of this writing. For Green and Pink it was 7-8 weeks. Meanwhile, if you want an engraved Sky Blue set you’ll have to wait 12-14 weeks. This all signals a major lag from when the headphones were initially launched, with original delivery times set to before Christmas.

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