How to Use the iOS 11 Control Center

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How to Use the iOS 11 Control Center Lead

While quite a few folks bemoaned yet another change to the Control Center in iOS 11, Jeff Butts has grown to love its flexibility, modularity, and ability to make life with the iPhone or iPad even more productive.

Boomerang Adds Inbox Pause to Outlook, Office 365 for the Mac

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The Outlook and Gmail email message management tool Boomerang has a new feature for its Mac users: Inbox Pause. The feature lets you temporarily pause incoming messages so you aren’t distracted while working, plus you can set a schedule for when email doesn’t come in and set messages to override pause times based on sender, keywords, and domains. You can download and try it for free at the Boomerang website.

Boomerang Adds Inbox Pause to Outlook, Office 365 for the Mac

KlikR Universal Remote Control: $19.99

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Klikr with two iPhones

Our deal on the KlickR is back. This device serves as a go-between for your iPhone and any device with an infrared receiver. Put it onto or next to the receiver and you’ll be able to control it from the companion app on your iPhone or Android device. You can also use voice controls, designate rooms and multiple devices (if you have multiple KlikRs), and more. It’s the kind of device that helps bridge legacy electronics with the Internet of Things, and we have a deal on KlikR for $19.99.

Jettomero Wants to be the Hero of Your Universe

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I’m not a big gamer, but Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is one I can really get behind. You play the role of a giant clumsy robot who wants to keep the universe safe while learning about its own mysterious past. The art has a wonderful comic book feel, the original soundtrack is great, and the game just looks like a giant bucket load of flat-out fun. Developer Gabriel Koenig has nearly finished the game and has a Kickstarter to handle the final costs of bringing it to market. It’s going to be available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Xbox, and it can’t come soon enough.

Apple Music Previews (Fun) Carpool Karaoke Episode with James Corden and Will Smith

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Apple Music has a new preview video to promote Carpool Karaoke, The Series, which officially debuts August 8th. It features Carpool Karaoke creator James Corden and Will Smith, and it looks like a Crap Tonne™ of fun. It starts off with a smidgen of “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” and who doesn’t love that? OK, fine, YMMV, but I’m digging it. There’s also a marching band and a helicopter, because why not, right? Check it out.