Naztech Xtra Drive Mini Plus 16GB microSD Card: $44.99

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Naztech Xtra Drive Mini + 16GB microSD Card

We have a deal on the Naztech Xtra Drive Mini, plus a 16GB microSD card, for $44.99. You can save another 15% off using coupon code SAVE15, for a final pice of $38.24. The Naztech Xtra Drive Mini has a Lightning jack on one end and a USB jack on the other for storing and transferring data on an iPhone or iPad.

This Smart Camera Levitates and Rotates

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Check out The Moon from 1-Ring on Indiegogo. It’s a levitating smart camera. And while smart cameras don’t need to levitate to do their thing, this one can rotate while it’s levitating, and that means turning silently. It’s controllable from a smartphone app, and features night vision, motion detection, and notifications. It will also serve as a home automation hub for Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit. It has integrated temperature, humidity, CO2 and light sensors. Oh, and it looks like a frickin’ Death Star! I haven’t tested one of these things, and I don’t know if they can do everything they say they can do, but the campaign raised more than $89,000 in no time. There’s a month left, and the original goal was just $45,000. As of this writing, there are funding levels of $209 that will get you one, but there aren’t many of those left. It’s supposed to ship in March of 2018.

Apple Video Shows You How to Edit Portrait Lighting in 44 Seconds

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Apple has a new video tutorial that shows you how to edit Portrait Lighting photos taken with an iPhone 8 Plus in 44 seconds. I think Apple has something with this mode, and I hope the company brings it to more devices in the future. In the meanwhile, if you have an iPhone 8 Plus and want to make the most of Portrait Lighting, check out this video.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Mystery Writer Elizabeth Craig

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Elizabeth Craig is an accomplished mystery writer and novelist. Her works include the Southern Quilting Mysteries, Memphis Barbeque Mysteries, and Myrtle Clover Cozy Mysteries. Elizabeth grew up fascinated by the Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Trixie Belden mysteries as well as the works of Agatha Christie, especially Hercule Poirot. Later, she majored in English in college and just knew she would become a writer, but lamented that there weren’t any courses that actually taught one how to write fiction. She learned on her own. We chatted about how she came to write, the art and craft of writing, and some of our favorite TV mystery shows. Elizabeth’s career is inspiring, and today she teaches other fiction writers the basics at her blog. Even if you’ve never aspired to mystery writing, you’ll want to hear her story.