Snap!7 iPhone Camera Cases with HD Wide Angle Lens: $139.99

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Snap!7 iPhone Case

We have a deal on the Snap!7 iPhone camera case bundled with the company’s HD Wide Angle lens. The Snap!7 case is designed to be interchangeable with the company’s other lenses, too. The case is designed to protect your iPhone, while you can snap lenses in and out as needed. It’s $139.99 through our deal,  There’s a video for the product on the deal listing, and you can choose your phone  model in a pulldown menu.

We Found a Complete List of Siri Commands

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If you’re new to Siri, or just looking to expand your repertoire with the virtual assistant, you’ll love this. Sparhandy recently published a comprehensive guide of Siri commands. Someone, basically, took a lot of time to ask Siri questions and record what worked and what didn’t. They then prepared a list of all of the valid questions and commands you can address to Siri, including inquiries about your contacts, web searches, the weather, alarms, timers, and much more. The developers of the page have even updated it recently with the latest commands related to HomeKit and Apple Music, and there’s a handy PDF that you can print or download for reference.

We Found a Complete List of Siri Commands