Alexander Hamilton Papers Now Online at Library of Congress

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Letter from Alexander Hamilton, age 12

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Alexander Hamilton is household name these days for many reasons, perhaps even moreso in my house, but likely yours just the same. The Library of Congress has now published digital versions of over 12,000 letters, legal papers, speech drafts, and more, many of which are in Hamilton’s own writing. The example shown here is a letter Hamilton wrote on November 11, 1769 when he was 12-years-old in St. Croix, telling his friend that he would “willing risk my life tho’ not my character to exalt my station.” There are some fascinating treasures within.

NSA's Bitcoin Founder Search Shows Writing is as Good as Fingerprints for Identification

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Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto took great lengths remain anonymous, yet the NSA figured out who this person is using stylometry—comparing written works to identify someone. The NSA used the data is collected from mass surveillance projects like PRISM to compare known writing from Satoshi and was ultimately able to pin him (or her or them) down, although it isn’t sharing its findings. Turns out our writing is at least as unique as our fingerprints.

macOS: Inserting Line Breaks in Messages

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This Quick Tip is all about a keyboard shortcut you can use in Messages on the Mac to insert a line break. So if you keep pressing Return hoping it works the same way as it does on iOS (and sending messages too early!), we’ve got the solution for you.

You Won't Believe How Real This Food Looks in an ARKit Demo Video

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Check out this ARKit demo for a menu app called Kabaq. The idea for the app is that a restaurant builds their menus to show customers what their food would look like on the plate in front of them. And wowza, does it look real! At least in this demo video. AppleInsider found it, along with another great ARKit video, and they noted the developers see cookbooks using their technology, too. Either way, it’s a much more practical application of augmented reality (AR) than the games that have dominated early exposure so far. This app is made possible by ARKit in iOS 11, which is expected to ship in September.

TMO Background Mode Encore #2: Former Apple Senior Director Michael Gartenberg

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Michael Gartenberg

Michael Gartenberg spent three years as Apple’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, reporting directly to Senior VP Phil Schiller. For his third appearance on Background Mode, we made a list of seven discussion items we both thought would be interesting. We got through two, but chatted about them in detail. The first was all about what’s to be gained by Apple allocating about a billion dollars to create original TV content. In the second segment, we talked about Apple’s struggles in the education market. Michael made some very interesting and very pointed observations. Don’t miss this one!

CleanMyMac 3: $27.99

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CleanMyMac 3 on MacBook

We have a deal for you on CleanMyMac 3 the popular Mac maintenance utility app. You can get a single user license through us for $27.99, with 2-Packs and 5-Packs available, too.

What to Do Now That CrashPlan for Home is Going Away

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This week’s Mac Geek Gab had many listeners writing and calling in, asking for guidance on their cloud backup options now that CrashPlan has announced the end of CrashPlan for Home. John and Dave talk through various solutions including BackBlaze, B2, Amazon Glacier, CrashPlan for Small Business, and others. Listen to this Mac Geek Gab Highlight from MGG 672 to hear the advice of your two favorite geeks.