TMO Background Mode Special Edition Chat with Kelly Guimont: TV Mysteries

Kelly Guimont is a Contributing Editor for The Mac Observer and Social Media Manager for Smile Software. She first appeared here in December, 2015 to tell her career story and has returned several times for interesting technical discussions. In this special edition, we chat about our favorite movie or two, and how, for some movies, the music has become a thing in itself, the soundtrack of our lives. Then we delved into the legendary BBC/CBC mysteries: Foyle’s War, Murdoch Mysteries, Shetland, Death in Paradise, and Broadchurch. For most of these mysteries, we look at their celebration of place that becomes an integral part of the show. Join us as we explore together what makes these shows so cool.


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My Background Mode chat with Kelly Guimont


One thought on “TMO Background Mode Special Edition Chat with Kelly Guimont: TV Mysteries

  • Hi John (and Kelly),

    I’m posting this comment only because you (John) asked listeners to provide feedback on this episode…

    I really like both you and Kelly, but in my opinion this was one of the most boring episodes of Background Mode ever (I’ve listened to every episode and the only one I can think of that I liked less was the one with the car guy who doesn’t think autonomous cars are the future).

    I’m not a TV watcher (Nature and NOVA on PBS are the only two shows I watch with any regularity) and I personally just can’t relate to spending as much time as the two of you obviously do watching TV.

    For me I’ve got a stack of (non-fiction) books on my nightstand waiting to be read that will soon be as tall as the lamp I have there. Most of these are from my trips to the local used bookstore where I inevitably see a book I’ve never even heard of and think, hmmm, that sounds interesting.

    On top of that, I’ve got a note in the Notes app on my phone of books to consider reading that is growing and growing and growing. These are books that I’ve heard about somewhere … on the web, from a friend, etc. that sound interesting to me. These are all non-fiction books … I also can’t imagine spending time reading fiction when there are so many non-fiction books that I’d like to read.

    So I watch at most two hours of TV a week and I’m still getting further and further behind in the reading I want to do. Can’t imagine spending the time I do get to spend reading in front of the TV.

    Again, this is just my 2 cents worth and I’m only providing it because you did ask…

    Old UNIX Guy

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