MGG 624: Sierra, APFS, Wi-Fi and Personal Servers

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Today it’s all about answering your questions! Ok, maybe one tip, but it’s high time your questions got answered, and your two favorite geeks are just the right guys to do it! First it’s two macOS Sierra questions, then it’s onto APFS and the future of backups, including a query about choosing an external backup drive. This plus perhaps the aforementioned tip might just round out the show… or there might be more about Photos and HDR. Listen and find out!

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Show Notes

Note: Show notes are complete! Stuff mentioned: Chapters: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 624 00:01:33 iPhone Financing 00:05:11 Using iPhone 6 cases on an iPhone 7 00:12:58 Apps and iOS Compatibility/Restrictions 00:15:00 Battery usage on iPhone 7 00:17:00 ISP-Based WiFi 00:25:03 Marc-Sierra and iCloud Syncing Changes 00:30:36 Gary-Sierra File Vault and App Compatibility 00:35:59 Todd-APFS and the future of Backups 00:46:09 SPONSOR: PowerPhotos 00:49:39 Hunter-Mac mini vs. Synology/NAS 00:58:12 Erik-How to choose an external backup drive? 01:04:41 Peter-What happened to Transporter? 01:14:08 Leon-623-Explaining RAW 01:18:45 Peter-623-RAW/DNG vs. JPG 01:23:27 Aurora HDR 01:26:01 MGG 624 Outtro

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