MGG 626: Lightning Struck my Switches

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Quick Tips start this episode, including topics like macOS Sierra’s picture-in-picture videos, auto-logout, Sierra upgrade hints, macerror, cleaning up your Keychain, printing to PDF on any iOS 10 device, Apple Watch battery life and more. Then it’s on to questions about macOS Sierra’s network login changes, running a mixed macOS and OS X household and, finally, a discussion about lightning strikes and how to recover. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Note: Shownotes are complete! Stuff mentioned: Chapters & Timestamps: 00:01:42 Ali-QT-Sierra-Moving Picture-in-picture around 00:03:20 Ken-QT-Sierra Auto-logout 00:05:17 Gary-QT-macOS Sierra Upgrade Hints 00:10:54 Mark-QT-macerror 00:12:22 Johnny-QT-Clean up your Keychain 00:16:51 Andy-QT-Beware manually changing iOS date and time 00:20:15 John-QT-iOS Print-to-PDF without 3D Touch 00:22:35 Ken-QT-Emergency SOS Slider on Apple Watch 00:24:44 Bill-QT-Check your Watch Contacts Sync Status* 00:26:40 Michelle-QT-iTunes Smart Playlists and Podcasts 00:28:20 Dave-QT-Be sure to enable WMM 00:31:04 Eddie-625-Safe charging speeds 00:32:36 Paul-625-Creating a clickable file 00:33:44 Adam-625-Pathfinder Copies Windows Paths 00:34:54 Giles-623-Geotagging Photos 00:36:27 Matching Filenames to Photo Dates 00:41:16 Phil-AirPods Alternatives 00:46:28 Plantronics Voyager 5200 Review 00:50:21 Daniel-Auto-Login to Network Shares Impossible in macOS Sierra 00:57:45 Peer-Mounting Shares and Making Them Stay That Way 00:59:29 Scott-Running a Mixed Household 01:03:00 Clipboard Syncing in macOS Sierra 01:04:43 David-FileVault Safe to use? 01:13:47 Jürgen-Lightning Struck my Switches (and more)

One thought on “MGG 626: Lightning Struck my Switches

  • This podcast sounds really helpful! I never knew there were tools like “A Better Finder Rename” and “Pathfinder” that could help me manage my files better. I’m definitely going to check those out!

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