MGG 627: It’s a Kludge!

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Did you know that Safari can auto-close a newly-launched tab when you’re finished reading it? That’s just one of the things you’ll learn in today’s MGG. Dropbox’s accessibility hacks, editing EXIF on iOS, the security of hidden Wi-Fi networks, enabling Universal Clipboard, and managing macOS Sierra’s multiple monitors are more. Plus, have you ever wanted to know the origins of the word, ‘kludge”? Download today and listen!

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Show Notes

Note: Shownotes are complete! Stuff mentioned: Chapters/Timestamps: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 627 <> 00:02:16 Dale-QT-Auto-close a new Safari tab with two-finger swipe 00:04:09 Safari Modifier 00:05:31 Dan-Disabling Dropbox's Accessibility Hacks 00:09:09 Chris-Edit EXIF on iOS <> 00:11:54 Wesson-626-Recently Launched Apps List 00:13:03 Josh-626-Use PoE Coax Filter for Surge Protection 00:14:05 George-626-The origins of Kludge 00:16:45 Brian-Basic Analog Audio Input 00:32:07 Bill-Are hidden Wi-Fi netorks truly less secure? <> 00:25:56 SPONSOR: Other World Computing / <> 00:28:19 SPONSOR: Bare Bones Software <> 00:30:46 Comparing the founding dates of the two sponsors 00:42:06 Dave rants about Apple routers 00:47:23 Zach-Tech Support Scams, WOT, Anti-Virus 00:57:13 Andrew-Other... Account to Login to macOS 00:59:24 Peter-Enabling Universal Clipboard 01:02:35 Joe-Share Menu Icons Disappeared 01:06:36 David-macOS Sierra Multiple Monitors issues 01:17:12 Dave’s Other Podcasts <> 01:18:17 Mike-Process for logging out-and-back-in to iCloud 01:20:16 Joe-Re-syncing iCloud Photo Library

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