Five Minutes is an Eternity to a Computer – Mac Geek Gab 684

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Turkey day is coming up in the USA, and your geeks are ready. But mostly they’re just ready to answer your Mac and iPhone questions and solve your problems… and that’s what they’re here to do today. Download, press play, and gobble-gobble it all up!

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One thought on “Five Minutes is an Eternity to a Computer – Mac Geek Gab 684

  • Volume name : urzn
    Volume type : APFS Volume
    BSD device node : disk1s1
    Mount point : /
    File system : APFS (Encrypted)
    Connection : PCI-Express
    Device tree path : IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/RP17@1B/SSD0@0/IONVMeController
    Writable : Yes
    Is case-sensitive : No <===== on my laptop after HiSierra 0.13.1 (17B48)
    File system UUID : F7286139-4331-3309-A7CC-28486573590D
    Volume capacity : 499,313,168,384
    Available space (Purgeable + Free) : 130,739,954,694
    Purgeable space : 2,200,126,470
    Free space : 128,539,828,224
    Used space : 364,701,622,272
    File count : 1,532,077
    Owners enabled : Yes
    Is encrypted : Yes
    System Integrity Protection supported : Yes
    Can be verified : Yes
    Can be repaired : Yes
    Bootable : Yes
    Journaled : No
    Disk number : 1
    Partition number : 1
    Media name :
    Media type : Generic
    Ejectable : No
    Solid state : Yes
    Parent disks : disk1

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