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This week, John and Dave come together to answer your questions about long-term storage, Photos Libraries, Migrating to a new Mac and much, much more. Listen as your two favorite geeks drop the knowledge — and your Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found — so that everyone can listen and learn at least five new things together! Join us and start the new year right!

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One thought on “Long Term Storage, Photos, & Cool Stuff Found — Mac Geek Gab 851

  • I wish I had listened to Bill’s photo storage question before getting into my current migration/cleanup cycle of Photos… oy. (Days of working in PowerPhotos to bundle things into two-year tranches)

    Separate question JFB: I’ve managed to get my Drobo 5D in an interesting state… was working fine connected to a High Sierra machine and then I a) hooked it up to a Catalina machine; b) turned on File Sharing. Now I have mounted it back on the High Sierra machine and any write attempt causes an error -50 in Finder. Is there some secret flag I turned on by enabling sharing?

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