The Mac Observer Turns Twenty – TMO Daily Observations 2018-12-28

Today is all about history, as The Mac Observer turns 20 years old! Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Kelly for a look back.

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Show Notes

  • The Mac Observer Turns 20 today!
  • TMO Daily Observations Twitter feed

3 thoughts on “The Mac Observer Turns Twenty – TMO Daily Observations 2018-12-28

  • MacAddict was such a fun Mag! Zanier than MacUser and MacWorld fer sure!
    They have my everlasting love for being the first to tell me that Apple had just released their MPW for free (and even included it on their CD, if I’m not mistaken)!
    I came to the Mac in ’93 (never a DOS or Windoze fan) and never looked back. I never believed all those ‘Apple is doomed!’ stories — until I learned the real story several years later!

  • MacAddict certainly wasn’t a print version of a blog – unheard of virtually back then – MacAddict (Future-Imagine pub.) was one of only three mainstream Mac mags out there, period – the others being MacUser and Macworld. CD-Rom Today came out and had Mac updates and games on their CDs as well. Mac Addict had ARTICLES written by WRITERS using actual grammar and taste – Reviews; tons of great ADS so you could shop a dual processor Power Computing made Mac Pro v. well Apple didn’t MAKE a dual processor PowerMac when P.C. came out with them – and also UMAX and Motorola Mac ads… but the BEST thing back then was MacAddict came with a CD loaded with not only official Apple updates and software (Jobs killed that-the dick) but tons of Demos and shareware of EVERYTHING available for the Mac from ProTools to TurboTax to KidPix. Your collective memories already fading?? You obviously didn’t do enough drugs. 🎤

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