App Sale: Right Now Affinity Photo is just $9.99

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Adobe recently released Photoshop on the iPad. If you’re not happy with it you might like to look at an alternative called Affinity Photo. Right now it’s 50% off at US$9.99, whereas after a 30-day trial Photoshop is US$9.99/mo.

Photo for iPad offers an incredibly fast, powerful and immersive experience whether you are at home, in the studio, or on the move. With meticulous attention to detail each tool, panel and control has been completely reimagined for touch. All rendering, adjustments, brushes and filters have been fully hardware accelerated using Metal. The result is an all-new way to interact with your images, with performance you will find hard to believe.

Affinity Photo 1.7.0 Adds Assets Panel, Stock Panel, and More

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Affinity Photo 1.7.0 for iPad adds a number of improvements: Large performance increases with further tuning of metal acceleration; shortcut modifiers added when keyboard is attached; more effective noise reduction, hot pixel removal and wide colour space development; new Stock Panel to search and drag and drop stock photography into your document; symmetry (up to 32-way) is now supported – including on-canvas controls and optional mirroring; on the fly nozzle rotation now available with left and right arrow keys; new “Procedural texture” and “Voronoi” filter effects; live filter effects have been rewritten to improve performance; HSL adjustment layer has been rewritten, supporting custom hue ranges, new UI and picker controls; many PSD import / export improvements; significant improvements to selection refinement; alternate futures for document history have been added. If you undo a lot of steps and start on a different path, you can always branch back to your original position; HEIF images can now be loaded, including loading of any depth map; added support for 12bit and 16bit CMYK TIFF files; new Assets Panel available to store and drag and drop regularly used assets. App Store: US$15.99

Affinity Photo 1.7.0 Adds Assets Panel, Stock Panel, and More

News+: Fixes and Enhancements With Affinity Photo

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I’ve been using Affinity Photo for several months now, and I’m still getting used to using it. In the latest issue (May 2019) of MacFormat magazine, they share photo fixes and enhancements with Affinity Photo.

As well as using Affinity Photo to fix common problems, you can produce more creative results using selection and compositing tools such as layers and masks.

Unfortunately, this magazine is in PDF form instead of using Apple News Format. So you’ll have to swipe to page 28 (As opposed to me being able to share the singular article).

This is part of Andrew’s News+ series, where he shares a magazine every Friday to help people discover good content in Apple News+.

5 Pro Apps You'll Want on Your iPad Pro

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Did you get an iPad Pro recently and need some pro apps? Or maybe you’ve had one for a while and still can’t find pro apps. Here are five that we’ve found that take advantage of the iPad Pro’s hardware.