NOMAD Intros Wireless Charging Base Station for iPhone and Apple Watch

If you’re looking for an all-in-one wireless charging system for your iPhone and Apple Watch, check out the new NOMAD Base Station Apple Watch Edition. The new Base Station has a padded place for your iPhone and a built-in Apple Watch charger, no need to add your own. You can wirelessly charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, and your watch is propped up so you can use it as a clock on your nightstand. The Base Station Apple Watch Edition is available now for US$119.95, unlike Apple’s AirPower, which we may never see.

Apple's Advice for AirPort Base Station Replacements

Apple’s AirPort Base Station product line may be dead, but that doesn’t mean Wi-Fi is a thing of the past. To that end, the iPhone and Mac maker has a Knowledge Base article with some tips on features to look for when you’re buying a new Wi-Fi router. It includes suggestions like make sure the router supports 802.11ac and WPA2 Personal encryption. You can check out the article at Apple’s website.