Examining Apple's Recycling Ambitions

· Andrew Orr · Link

Maddie Stone wrote a great dive into Apple’s recycling ambitions and the company’s quest to some day stop mining resources.

For a company that sells over 200 million smartphones a year, along with millions more tablets and computers, achieving what sustainability wonks call a “circular economy” will amount to a complete overhaul of everything from how Apple devices are manufactured to what we do with those devices at the end of their lives…The question is whether that’s a future Apple truly wants—or one that its investors will allow.

Greenpeace Slams Apple's iPhone Recycling Robot Daisy

· Jeff Gamet · Analysis

Apple Daisy iPhone recycling robot

Greenpeace criticized Apple’s new iPhone recycling robot Daisy saying the company should instead design iPhones that can stay in use longer—a request that seems odd considering the company supports iOS 11 on the five year old iPhone 5s.