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That Apple Bluetooth Tile Product to be Named 'AirTag'

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There’s a 99% probability that Apple’s new Bluetooth product will be named AirTag, according to assets found in iOS 13.2 which was just released today.

A folder within the filesystem for the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system possibly confirms the name “AirTag” for the new device, which will be paired with a user’s iPhone just like AirPods and will allow users to track any item using the Find My app.

I currently have a bet going that AirTag will be released tomorrow.

Mophie Launches iPhone 11 Battery Case

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mophie launched an iPhone 11 battery case. The juice pack access case keeps your Lightning port free and your iPhone powered past sunset.

The juice pack access for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro comes equipped with a 2,000mAh integrated battery, while the juice pack access for the iPhone 11 Pro Max includes a 2,200mAh integrated battery. Each case employs Qi wireless charging technology to pass power to the iPhone while leaving the Lightning port available for simultaneous EarPods use during charging.

You can pick one up for US$99.95.

totallee's New Green Case Matches the Green iPhone 11 Pro

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totallee makes thin iPhone cases so your smartphone doesn’t become bulky. It recently released a line of green cases for the midnight green iPhone 11 Pro.

This case covers every corner of your phone and features a camera lens “lip” for added protection. Like a brushed finish? Go matte. Looking for invisible protection? Transparent all the way. Want a sophisticated backing? Leather is for you. This case maintains the original look of your iPhone 11 Pro. No branding. No bulk. No nonsense.

You can pick up one of these cases for US$29.

Kenu BingeBank Launches to Wirelessly Power Your iPhone

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Today Kenu announces its first ever powerbank product, BingeBank. BingeBank is a new all-in-one wireless charging powerbank, complete with an innovative nanosuction phone stand. The perfect accessory for binge watching on-the-go, it securely holds your Qi-enabled phone at the perfect viewing angle and wirelessly charges it at the same time. Users can watch hours of their favorite Netflix series, YouTube channel, and even video chat or live stream without worrying about draining the phone battery. It also works great as a travel charging dock. The 10000 mAh capacity adds up to 35 hours of viewing time to the iPhone XS, and in addition to wireless charging, you can use a cable to fast charge two other devices through the 18W Power Delivery and Quick Charge USB ports. The 18W Power Delivery USB-C port can fast-charge an iPhone up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes, and can also charge a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air with Thunderbolt 3. Kenu BingeBank: US$59.95

HyperCube is a Data Backup iPhone Charger on Kickstarter

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Sanho Corporation, creator of the USB-C Hyper Drive for iPad Pro, is coming out with a new product. Called HyperCube, it’s a data backup iPhone charger. When you plug your iPhone into it, then plug the HyperCube into a power outlet, all of your photos, videos, and contacts will automatically back up to a micro SD card or USB drive (sold separately). Then, once the back up is finished, you can remove the micro SD card or USB drive to view your content on another device. Copy/cut/paste/move/delete/rename files on microSD and USB drive, supports audio/video streaming playbacK, supports photo slideshow/thumbnail view, measures 47.3 x 35.5 x 24mm / 1.86” x 1.4” x 0.94”, weighs 20g / 0.71oz /0.04 lb. Early bird backers can get HyperCube for US$29. Expected to ship August 2019.

HyperCube is a Data Backup iPhone Charger on Kickstarter