AnandTech's Comprehensive iPhone XR Review

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Andrei Frumusanu wrote a long, detailed iPhone XR review, talking about the display, battery life, and more.

The iPhone XR is an interesting product for Apple: It is clear that it aims to be a lower-cost alternative to the higher-end XS flagships. Yet at the same time it’s not directly an alternative to either the XS or the XS Max, and rather represents a model that squarely fits in-between its two higher-priced siblings.

Although the iPhone XR has been out for a while, this is still a great review to read.

Make Room for Color in This New iPhone XR Ad

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In the latest iPhone XR ad people are parkouring around a city, wearing what looks like prison uniforms. Each uniform is in a color representing the iPhone XR: black, white, coral, blue, red, and yellow. The tagline is ‘Make room for color’ and briefly promotes the iPhone XR’s Liquid Retina display. The song in the video is “Come Along” by Cosmo Sheldrake. Check it out below.

Pro Photographer Tyler Stalman Reviews iPhone XR, XS Cameras

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Professional photographer Tyler Stalman reviews the iPhone XR and iPhone XS cameras in a video. He talks about all of the new features, like Smart HDR, the new image signal processor, and how the wide-angle lens is slightly wider than previous models. Speaking of Smart HDR, he noted that it only works with video shot at 30 fps or lower. But it works whether you’re shooting in 720p, 1080p, or 4K. Mr. Stalman also notes something he found that can correct the blurring problems around the edges of subjects when you shoot in Portrait Mode.