Microsoft Demos Surface Hub 2 [Video]

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Microsoft demoed the Surface Hub 2 this week, and Tom Warren of The Verge posted the video (below). My initial take is a mix of “Huh?” and “Huh.” I don’t give regular, live presentations, but I can the value of a device like this for those who do. On the other hand, I can’t see the value of the bit at the end where someone wanders by, sees some data you put together, and then wants to drop that data into her own PowerPoint stack. Get your mitts off my computer, hey? And manipulating everything seemed really slow, or maybe it was just Excel that was slow, as someone commented on YouTube. All that said, I absolutely see the value of a large, touch screen device for creative work. It doesn’t look like Microsoft has made such a device that really works yet, but this is a company that usually required multiple iterations before nailing it. In any event, it’s a little over 2 minutes long. Check it out.

Why I Hate Microsoft Word

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Thank you very much, Microsoft, for wasting half of my morning. Even with a deadline looming, there’s nothing I like more than troubleshooting issues that should never have existed in the first place. You ought to be ashamed.


There's an Original Mac on Display at Microsoft's Headquarters

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There’s an original Mac on display at Microsoft’s headquarters commemorating the fact that Microsoft Office was released first for Apple’s computer platform, and not the PC. That’s pretty cool because the company could’ve easily chosen to not recognize that bit of history and most people would’ve been none the wiser. Apple played a significant role in Microsoft’s early growth, so seeing a Mac with Office installer floppy discs, as Business Insider notes, next to Bill Gates’ original business card is great. You can check out the ancient Mac at Microsoft’s visitor center in Redmond, Washington.

There’s an Original Mac on Display at Microsoft’s Headquarters