Microsoft Employees in China Required to Switch to iPhones by September

Microsoft has reportedly informed its employees in China that they will need to use an iPhone at work starting in September, according to a report from Bloomberg. This change is likely a part of Microsoft’s Secure Future Initiative.

In a memo to staff, Microsoft said that Android phones in China don’t support the company’s internal apps, including its Authenticator password manager and Identity Pass app.

The move comes after a hacking incident in January, where Microsoft was targeted by Russian group Midnight Blizzard.

Google Play isn’t available in China, and Microsoft was unable to ensure the security of its apps on Android devices, the company reportedly told employees.

As part of the change, Microsoft will take Android phones from staff and give them an iPhone 15 instead. Microsoft has already set up collection points across its facilities in China to gather Android devices. The new policy will also apply to Microsoft employees in Hong Kong, where Google Play is accessible.

Microsoft has taken other steps to prevent hacking in recent months. In May 2024, the company rolled out support for passkeys. This new feature allows apps to use the iPhone’s Face ID for biometric authentication, eliminating the need for passwords and standard authentication methods.

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