watchOS 11 Tracks Metrics, Routes Even When Workout is Paused

watchOS 11 Workout

Have you ever paused your workout and then forgotten to resume it? It happens to me all the time, and then I end up regretting it because I love to keep track of all of my movements. But things seem to be changing. watchOS 11, unveiled at WWDC, will now detect if you continue exercising while your workout is paused.

It will then prompt you to resume the workout and even add back those missing minutes to your stats, making sure that all your workout data reflects your entire activity.

Not only does it add the minutes and time you forgot to continue your workout, but it also adds up all the trails or paths you have covered while you were at it for workouts like outdoor walking, running, or hiking.

We assume Apple might be using data from Apple Maps to track your workout path.

But it appears the resume prompt with missing minutes might not work for all workout types. One user reported it not working during weight training pauses. This makes sense because weight training involves less overall movement compared to activities like running. It seems watchOS 11 might rely on GPS data to detect movement and trigger the resume prompt.

Overall, I am excited to see how Apple refines these features in the future and what other data points they might incorporate for even more intelligent workout tracking. Here’s everything watchOS 11 has to offer.

Here is the preview of watchOS 11.

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