MyCharge's AdventureJumpStart Will Charge Your iPhone or Jump Start Your Car - Really

Check out the AdventureJumpStart from MyCharge. It’s a portable battery for charging your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device, but it can also charge your other other mobile device. Your car. How cool is that? It even comes with detachable jumper cables designed to connect to the AdventureJumpStart and your car battery. With 6,600MhA of storage, you’d use it for your smart devices normally. But when jumping a car, AdventureJumpStart will put out a peak of 400A of current. MyCharge says you can leave it in your car year round, but recommends recharging it (via microUSB) every 90 days. It’s priced at US$99.99.

CES – MyCharge Battery Pack With Passthrough Qi Charging

LAS VEGAS – myCharge, long-time makers of quality battery packs and charging bricks, this week announced at CES the upcoming availability of a new portable battery with two Qi surfaces built-in. The US$79.99 Portable Power Bank Unplugged 10K Dual is about the shape of a smartphone, and features a Qi pad on top so that your phone will charge when the battery pack is simply up against it. Cleverly, myCharge has included a Qi coil on the bottom of the pack, as well, allowing it to charge from a Qi pad (like then $29 myCharge Powerdisc shown in the picture). In a true “passthrough” sense, a phone stacked on top of a charging battery pack will see the phone charge first, then the pack afterwards, making for a very convenient setup to have on your desk or bedside table. Stack ’em at night to charge, grab ’em in the morning and go! The myCharge Portable Power Bank Unplugged 10 Dual will be available in March and has a list price of $79.99.

myCharge Gets its USB-C Portable Charger Game On at CES 2017

LAS VEGAS – myCharge is well known for their portable batteries for recharging our smartphones and more, and now they’re making sure even the USB-C MacBook and MacBook Pro are covered, too. The company’s RazorPlatinum can juice up your laptop, iPhone, or iPad for US$99.99. The RazorUltra is coming soon and handles your smartphone and tablet for about $60, plus both have USB-A ports for everything else you need to power up. It’s great seeing USB-C batteries hitting the market because we’re going to see the connector showing up even more places—something that’s very clear at this year’s CES.