Breaking up With Chrome is Hard, But Right, to do

· Charlotte Henry · Reporter's Notebook

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Tests prove that Safari outperforms Google Chrome on a Mac. Because of that and the extra privacy, Charlotte is going to give it another try.

‘FindTheMadness’ Safari Extension Alerts You to Fake Clicks

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FindTheMadness is a new Safari extension from Jeff Johnson. It gives you an alert when a website tricks you by running JavaScript triggered by a click.

FindTheMadness detects when JavaScript on websites overrides the normal expected behavior of your mouse and keyboard […] You may be astonished to discover how often you click what you think is a link on a page, but you’re actually running JavaScript triggered by a click.

Sounds like a nice tool, and it’s free.

How Apple Disrupted Certificate Authorities With Safari

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In February, Apple implemented a rule in Safari in which TLS certificates have a lifespan of 398 days. According to ZDNet, Apple made this decision on its own without going through the standard procedure with certificate authorities.

Instead of calling for a vote, Apple simply announced its decision to implement 398-day lifespans on its devices, regardless of what the CAs in the CA/B Forum thought of the issue.

What took place this year is, in no simpler words, a demonstration that browser makers control the CA/B Forum, and that they hold full control of the HTTPS ecosystem, and that CAs are merely participants with no actual power.

16 Web APIs Apple Avoided Over Privacy Concerns

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ZDnet has a list of 16 Web APIs that Apple declined to add to Safari over concerns they could be used to track users.

The vast majority of these APIs are only implemented in Chromium-based browsers, and very few on Mozilla’s platform.

Apple claims that the 16 Web APIs above would allow online advertisers and data analytics firms to create scripts that fingerprint users and their devices.

Zooming the Web and Learning Your Ms — Mac Geek Gab 820

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Mac Geek Gab 820 episode image: Magnifying glass on laptop keyboard with text

It’s hours before WWDC begins, and there’s just enough time to get Mac Geek Gab into your hands ahead of the new stuff we’re all about to learn. And, with that, we can still learn at least five new things, including how to Zoom (and unzoom) the web, how to encrypt your files, why you might want to change your cable modem password, and what those three Ms mean. Buckle up, press play, and enjoy the ride with John and Dave!

Spotify Web Player Supports Safari Again

· Andrew Orr · News

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In 2017 the Spotify web player removed support for Safari without telling customers why. But functionality has now been restored.

Why I Abandoned Safari For Google Chrome

· Charlotte Henry · Editorial

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Charlotte had been using Safari, but eventually had to abandon it for Google Chrome after encountering too many problems and inconveniences.