Android Insecurity, Messaging Anachronisms, and Legacy Apple Auctions - ACM 402

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Bryan and Jeff try and wrap their heads around a world where malware is being installed on Android devices in the supply chain, before customers even get the devices. They also take a trip into the anachronistic world of sealing wax and sealing wax stamps, as well as the fascinating world where 40 year-old Apple I computers are auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Steve Jobs's Early History with Apple in 33 Pics

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BusinessInsider put together 33 pics that explore Steve Jobs’s history with Apple. Most of them are interesting pics from the 1970s and 1980s, with a few more from the 1990s through 2007. My favorites include a smug-looking Steve Jobs next to John Sculley with Macintosh and Lisa, as well as a great pic of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates before their relationship took a negative turn over Windows. It’s a fun look through history, but I do have to do a mostly pedantic quibble about one thing. In its mention of Apple’s 1984 commercial, BusinessInsider said, “It aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII, and never again.” Apple played it one other time—in fact, the first time—in a local TV market: Twin Falls, Idaho, in December of 1983. That was done so the commercial would quality for 1983 awards. That’s something many folks get wrong. Still, the pictorial is a fun read.

Steve Jobs’s Early History with Apple in 33 Pics

Apple's First 10 Employee Roundup

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BusinessInsider did a roundup of Apple’s first ten employees: Gary Martin, Sherry Livingston, Chris Espinosa, Michael “Scotty” Scott, Randy Wigginton, Rod Holt, Bill Fernandez, Mike Markkula, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak. That’s in reverse order of their employee number, with a bonus segment on cofounder Ron Wayne. The publication billed it as a “where are they now” piece, but there’s very little about where most of them are now. Really it’s more of a roundup with information about what they did while they were at Apple. I love history and lore, especially about Apple. And as much as I know about the company, there were a couple of tidbits that were new to me. Michael Scott, Apple’s first CEO, helped fill in some of the details for article, and there are photographs of everyone, as well as a bonus photo of some early Apple files (because [Apple]!).

Apple’s First 10 Employee Roundup

A Great Story about Steve Wozniak Teaching 5th Graders in 1995

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I love this story from Vice Motherboard. So much. It was penned by Syambra Moitozo, a former student of Steve Wozniak’s back when he was teaching elementary school. It’s a lovely look back at the 1995 school year, when Mr. Wozniak taught the 5th grade class of a Santa Cruz elementary school where his own daughter was enrolled. He bought the class computers, pulled apart floppy drives to show them what each part did, and spoiled them with McDonald’s Happy Meals. It has some wonderful images, all owned by Getty, so you’ll need to go read the article to see them. One of them brings joy to my heart and a grin to my face. The quote below also made me laugh out loud, alone in my office working at my desk.

Looking back now, I think “The Woz” being something of a tech God was lost on us, as were many things when we were 10. I think we all just thought of him as Sara’s cool, super smart dad who made computers. We also thought it was cool that another girl’s dad was a firefighter, and that our class pet rabbit would eat pretty much anything you fed it. We were kids.

A Great Story about Steve Wozniak Teaching 5th Graders in 1995