Are MacBooks Waterproof? Everything You Need To Know

Are MacBooks Waterproof

Did you spill water on your MacBook and wonder if it’s waterproof? Well, I have created this extensive guide to uncover everything you need to know about MacBook and its Water-resistant capabilities. We will also discuss what you should and shouldn’t do if you have spilled water on your MacBook. Keep reading this extensive guide if you have just bought your first MacBook.

Are MacBooks Waterproof?

No, MacBooks are not waterproof. It does not matter which MacBook model you are using; none of them are designed to offer protection from liquid spillage. So, if you have spilled water or any other liquid on your Mac, you need to follow certain tips I have listed below to safeguard your machine from significant damage.

What Should I Do If I Spilled Water on my MacBook?

Now that you know that MacBooks are not waterproof or even water-resistant. Hence, if you have accidentally spilt something, take precautionary steps to avoid further damage.

1. Disconnect and Power Off

The first step you need to take is to power off your MacBook immediately. Whether you have saved your work or not, turning it off is important. Also, ensure you have disconnected it from the power source if you have been charging your Mac.

2. Unplug all Devices

Unplug all the peripherals or devices connected to your Mac, such as printer, keyboard, mouse, external monitors, etc. This eventually prevents any damage to other devices due to the water spill on your MacBook.

3. Keep the Lid Open

Now that we have disconnected the device and switched off the Mac, you must ensure that the lid always stays open. This is a crucial step that many of us tend to forget.

This step will ensure proper air circulation and initiate the drying process without using any external components. Also, you do not want moisture to get trapped between the screen, which could lead to other serious issues.

4. Wipe Off the Water

While the lid is open and the water is drying slowly, wipe off the water spilled on the keyboard and around your MacBook using a dry and soft cloth. You might notice water droplets around the ports or on the screen that need to be dried so that no more water seeps through the components.

5. Wait for 24 Hours

Once you have done all of the above, it all comes to the waiting game. Yes, you need to wait for at least 24 hours before you can switch it on or even take it to the Apple service center. This is indeed a crucial step that requires patience.

6. Contact Apple Support

If your MacBook is not starting or you feel the damage is already done and nothing seems to be working, it is important to contact Apple Support. Now, you can either contact them online or, if you have an authorized Apple service center nearby, take your MacBook and get it checked. 

What Not To Do If You Spill Water on MacBook?

Not everyone will tell you what you should avoid doing when you have spilled water on your MacBook. I have done these before; hence, you should avoid making the same mistake.

  1. Don’t Switch it On- You should not, under any circumstance, switch on your MacBook before 24 hours have passed. Keep it switched off.
  2. Hairdryer (A Big NO!)- I cannot stress this enough, but you don’t need a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. It will damage your internal components, guaranteed.
  3. Don’t Feed Rice to Your MacBook- Putting your MacBook into a bag of rice will also not help. The rice grains will go inside your ports, and there is no way out.
  4. Avoid Tilting or Flipping- Don’t flip or tilt your MacBook unless it’s dried off. The water can further seep into other components and damage them.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Water-Damaged MacBook?

The cost of fixing a water-damaged MacBook depends largely on the version of the Mac you have and the damage that needs to be repaired. If major components like motherboard is fried, you are better off buying a new Mac. Unfortunately, Apple’s One Year Limited Warranty or AppleCare protection plan does not cover any kind of liquid damage.

However, AppleCare+ for Mac offers unlimited accidental damage protection, including liquid damage. You need to contact Apple support for this and get an estimated service fee for your MacBook.

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