How to Delete Apps from Your Apple Watch [2024]

Delete Apps Apple Watch December 2023 Featured

Like any device, having too many apps and data on your Apple Watch can be a problem. Let’s take a look at how to delete apps from your Apple Watch to free up storage.

1. Using Your Apple Watch

Time needed: 2 minutes

The first method is to delete apps using your Apple Watch. Follow these steps:

  1. On your Apple Watch, press your Digital Crown to bring up all the apps on your Home screen.

    Delete Apps Apple Watch Tap Digital Crown

  2. Long tap on your screen until the apps start to jiggle.

  3. You will then press the X next to an app to delete it. If an app does not have an X next to it, you are not able to delete it.

    Delete Apps Apple Watch Click X

  4. Confirm your decision by tapping Delete App.

    Delete Apps Apple Watch Tap Delete App

  5. Press the Digital Crown again to exit the screen.

2. Using Your iPhone

You can also use the Watch app to delete apps directly from your iPhone:

  1. Open your Watch app. It can easily be found by swiping down on your Home screen and using Spotlight Search.
  2. Select the My Watch tab and then scroll down until you see the Installed on Apple Watch section.
    Delete Apps Apple Watch Select App
  3. Click on an app that you want to remove and then ensure Show on Apple Watch is not selected.
    Delete Apps Apple Watch Turn Off Show On Apple Watch

For further reading, check out more ways to free up storage on your Apple Watch, including how to delete pictures, movies, and podcasts.

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