2 Ways To Find Your Apple ID Password Without Resetting It

apple id settings saved

Are you also trying to find your Apple ID password without resetting it? Most people rely on Face ID or Touch ID to use Apple Pay, App Store, or to log in to any website. So, it’s very easy to forget the password. Luckily, you don’t need to reset it. You can retrieve your password using two simple methods. Here’s how.

2 Ways to Find Your Apple ID Password Without Resetting It

Technically, you cannot recover a forgotten password directly, but you can access it if it’s saved in iCloud Keychain or a browser. So, let’s explore both locations where your password might be saved.

1. Check Saved Passwords in Settings

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Open the Settings app.

    iPhone Settings App

  2. Scroll down and select Passwords.

    iPhone Passwords

  3. If Apple.com is on this list, then tap on it.

    iPhone Passwords lIst

  4. Now, just click on the password to reveal it.

    Apple ID password reveal

2. Verify Your Browsers for Saved Passwords

If you didn’t find the password using the method above, then it means it’s not saved in the Safari browser. If you use another browser, it’s worth checking the saved passwords in its settings. Below, I’ve outlined the steps for retrieving passwords from the three most popular browsers.

2.1 Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap on the three Dots.
    Tap on three dots
  2. Then select Password Manager from the menu.
    Tap on Password Manager
  3. Now, look for Apple.com and tap on it.
    Select apple.com
  4. To reveal the password, just tap on the Eye Icon.
    Tap on eye button to reveal password

2.2 Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and then tap on three lines.
    Tap on Three Lines
  2. Choose Passwords from the menu.
    Tap on Passwords
  3. Lookout for Apple.com in the list.
    Tap on apple.com
  4. Click on Password field to see it.
    Click on Password field to see the password

2.3 Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and tap on three lines.
    Tap on three lines
  2. Then select Settings from the menu.
    Tap on Settings
  3. Click on your Account.
    Tap on Account
  4. Here you will see Passwords, just tap on it.
    Tap on Passwords
  5. Now, search for Apple.com from your saved password list.
    Select Apple.com
  6. Click on Eye Icon to see your password.
    Tap on Eye Button

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