How To Display Do Not Disturb in iMessage on iPhone

  • Check out how to enable Do Not Disturb mode through both Siri and the Control Centre.
  • Find out how to grant the Messages app necessary permissions for reflecting Focus Status.
  • Discover what steps to take if Do Not Disturb still doesn’t show on iMessage.
do not disturb iphone lock screen

With the release of iOS 15, Apple gave users the gift of silencing the digital noise through the beautiful crescent moon Do Not Disturb feature. Going beyond just muting calls and keeping notifications off your Lock Screen, this feature also lets you convey your availability status to friends and contacts. Follow along to find out how to show Do Not Disturb in iMessage.

Can Others See My Focus Status?

Yes, they can! But you have to set it up first. The essence of digital communication is not just about sending messages but also understanding the context in which they’re received. Sharing your Do Not Disturb status in iMessage allows your contacts to know when you’re stepping back from the screen.

What’s particularly interesting is the emergency bypass feature: if it’s crucial, senders can choose to override your status, signaling with an audible and visual notification to grab your attention.

How To Activate Do Not Disturb

Before learning how to show Do Not Disturb in iMessage, you will have to activate this feature. Switching on the Do Not Disturb Focus mode is a really easy process. Here’s how to do it:

Use Siri

A simple command, “Hey Siri, turn on Do Not Disturb focus” activates the mode. Remember to turn it off manually or schedule its deactivation.

Use Control Center

  1. Swipe down from the top right corner to open Control Center.
  2. Tap the Focus tile.
    focus tile in control center
  3. Next, tap Do Not Disturb.
    do not disturb focus mode tile

How to Show Do Not Disturb in iMessage on iPhone

Time needed: 1 minute

While you’re in your quiet digital retreat, make sure your iMessage contacts are in the loop. Here’s how to show Do Not Disturb in the Messages app:

  1. Begin by launching the Settings app. You can find this on your Home Screen or within the App Library.

    setting app launch iphone

  2. Scroll until you see the Focus option. Tap it to explore further.

    focus in settingsa

  3. Within the Focus menu, look for Focus Status.

    focus status

  4. You’ll find a toggle labeled Share Focus Status. Ensure it’s set to the active position. While you’re here, switch on the toggle for Do Not Disturb as well.

  5. Navigate back to the main Settings screen. Now, find and tap Messages.

  6. Within the Messages menu, you should see an option labeled Focus. Tap the associated toggle to ensure it’s activated.

The Do Not Disturb sign won’t pop up for every single message. It’s designed to inform the sender after repeated message attempts.

Moreover, any phone calls will go directly to your voicemail. And in case of vital communications, senders have the option to “Notify Anyway”, ensuring that essential messages don’t get lost in digital silence.

For those looking to send auto replies while their iPhone is on Focus mode, look no further. Check out our dedicated guide on how to achieve this.

What To Do if Do Not Disturb Doesn’t Show In Other People’s Message

If Do Not Disturb isn’t showing up in iMessage, you have to make sure the “Share Focus Status” feature is enabled when you’re configuring a Focus. By doing this, it informs individuals messaging you that you’ve quieted your notifications.

Importantly, to effectively share your Focus status in applications, ensure the Focus mode is active and grant the necessary permissions to the app in question. Follow our detailed steps above to achieve this efortlessly.


Apple once again showcases its dedication to enhancing user experiences. The Do Not Disturb feature doesn’t just put users in control of their incoming notifications from their Lock Screen, but also provides a seamless way of communicating their status, adding depth and context to digital interactions.

Don’t remain lost in a sea of endless notifications. Set up your Focus Status on iMessage today and step into a world where digital communication respects your personal space. Remember, balance is just a toggle away. For further reading, you might be interested in how to use separate Focus Modes on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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