How to Restore Missing App Icons to Home Screen on iPhone

  • See if the apps missing from your home screen are in your App Library. You can usually bring them back by long-pressing the icon and tapping Add to Home Screen.
  • Focus and Screen Time can restrict the visibility and content access of specific apps on your iPhone.
  • If multiple apps are missing, you likely hid an entire page by accident.
Deleting Instagram App on iPhone

Don’t panic if some apps suddenly disappear—there are several ways to restore icons to your iPhone home screen. Accidentally hiding apps is a common mistake. Speaking from experience, app icons could disappear just by leaving your iPhone unlocked in your pockets. Of course, reinstalling deleted app icons is easy. But restoring them from the app library will be even more convenient if they aren’t gone yet.

How do I get my icons back on my home screen on iPhone?

Here are several ways to bring lost icons from your app folders back to your iPhone home screen.

1. Restore From the App Library

The quickest and most obvious solution is to restore shortcut icons from the app library to your home screen. It’ll work as long as the app isn’t already deleted.

Time needed: 1 minute

Here’s how to restore apps from the App Library:

  1. Swipe left on your iPhone home screen until you reach the App Library—you’ll find this list of apps after the last page.

    The Last Page App Library on iPhone

  2. Next, look for the missing icon. Scroll through the apps list or use the search bar at the top of the page.

    Searching for Apps in App Library

  3. Long-press the icon you need to restore and tap Add to Home Screen.

    Restore Icons to Home Screen on iPhone Through App Library

2. Unhide Pages From the Home Screen

If multiple apps are missing from your home screen, you might have hidden an entire page by accident.

  1. Long-press on any app and tap Edit Home Screen. You can start moving around icons and folders once they start jiggling.
    Editing Apps on iPhone Home Screen
  2. Tap the page swipe indicator above the home screen dock—it’s a string of dots indicating your current page.
  3. You’ll see an overview of all your pages. Tick the checkbox under each page to ensure they’re all visible on the home screen. Note that leaving them blank keeps their pages hidden.
    Unhiding and Hiding Pages on iPhone to Restore Icons Home Screen
  4. If some pages are still missing despite ticking every checkbox, you might have deleted them already. In this case, restore all the missing apps from the App Library.

3. Disable Content Restrictions

Apps that are missing from both your home screen and the App Library are likely under content restrictions. You might have enabled them by accident if you use Screen Time for privacy.

  1. Launch Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
    Content and Privacy Restrictions of Screen Time Settings
  2. If the button for Content & Privacy Restrictions is toggled on, open the Allowed Apps section.
    Content and Privacy Restrictions Toggle Button
  3. Scroll through the list, look for the missing apps, and turn on the toggle button beside their names.
    Adjust Allowed Apps to Restore Icons on Home Screen

4. Adjust the Focus App Settings

Adjust your settings on Focus if multiple apps keep disappearing every time you enable this feature. You might have set specific pages to hide in Focus mode.

  1. Launch Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb.
    The Profile Settings on Focus iPhone
  2. Under the Customize Screens section, select Choose a Home Screen Page and tick the checkbox for all pages. Unticked pages will remain hidden.
    Choose a Home Screen on Focus Settings iPhone
  3. Repeat the same process for all your other Focus profiles.
    Choose From Your Pages to Restore Icons on Home Screen

Why Did My App Icons Disappear From My Home Screen

Although restoring icons from the app library to your iPhone home screen is easy, repeating the same troubleshooting steps often is inconvenient. Make sure you address the reasons why shortcut icons suddenly go missing.

  • Accidental Deletions: It only takes two taps to delete apps by accident. Any app, including default icons, will disappear from your iPhone home screen if you long-press it and tap Remove.
  • Moved Folder Positions: Be careful not to hide iOS apps and pages by accident. In Edit Home Screen mode, you can hide and unhide entire pages through the page swipe indicator dots above the home screen dock.
  • Outdated App Versions: Outdated apps might malfunction and disappear from your App Library. In these cases, launch the App Store, search for the lost icon, and tap Update.


These tips should restore any lost app icon on your iPhone home screen. Whether you’re bringing back third-party or stock apps, you likely just need to adjust your screen layout. But if you still can’t find the specific app you need, reinstall it. Doing so also fixes outdated, buggy, and grayed-out iPhone apps.

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