How To Check Total Weekly Step Count on Apple Watch

Check Total Weekly Step Count in watchOS 10

If you are looking to check the total weekly step count in watchOS 10, you have come to the right place. I have tested out multiple third-party apps to check our daily and weekly step count for months and they work like a charm.

Here’s how you can keep a track of weekly step count on Apple Watch

Why Can’t I See the Total Weekly Step Count in watchOS 10?

If you have updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 10, you might not see the total weekly step count on your Health App. Apple has removed this seemingly minor but important feature. You can now only view the weekly average step count; thus, you will have to rely on a manual method to count the steps or use a third-party app.

Let’s look at everything you can do check the total weekly step count on your Apple Watch.

How to See the Total Weekly Step Count in watchOS 10?

1. Through Manual Method

The only way to see the total weekly step count in watchOS 10 is by manually counting it. Since Apple has removed the feature from its Health app, you will have to calculate it by yourself.

For this, you can check the daily step count from the activities and count it for the week. This might take some time and does seem a bit impractical. Hence, you can try out other third-party apps that are equally amazing and accurate.

2. StepsApp Pedometer

This is the app that I use on my Apple Watch and so do multiple other Apple users. It has many features including total weekly step count, active calories, widgets, charts, animations, and so much more.

StepsApp Pedometer

Moreover, you can import all your data from the Health app, track your activity from your iPhone, etc. It also supports around 31 languages making it easier to select whichever fits you the best.

3. Pedometer ++

Another brilliant app to help you check your total daily and weekly step count. You can also integrate the Health app with this and get all your previous data synced to it. The new upgrades allow you to download the offline map, making it highly useful.

Pedometer ++

To keep up with the new watchOS 10, you will see the aesthetically pleasing interface of the new upgraded version of this app. You can download it directly from the App Store for free and it is available in 12 different languages.

Walk Those Extra Miles

It is a bit disappointing that Apple chose to remove such a crucial feature from their Health app. However, we do have alternatives that anyone can download on their iPhone and Apple Watch as well. Do note that these apps require a premium subscription for advanced features.

There are other apps too that serve the same purpose. You can select whichever is best for you and has all the features you need.

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