Health and Fitness Siri Commands For Apple Watch

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Apple Watch is a great tool for improving and monitoring health and fitness. These are a few of my favorite Siri commands to help you close your rings.

Health and Fitness Siri Commands For Apple Watch

  • How many steps have I walked today? – Opens the Activity app with the current step count at the top.
  • What activity have I done today? – Similar to the above, showing Total Steps, Total Distance, and Flights Climbed.
  • What’s my heart rate? – Opens the heart rate app and takes the user’s current heart rate.
  • How much of my ‘[Move/Exercise/Stand]’ goal/target have I hit today? – Opens the ‘Activity’ app showing progress on Move, Exercise, and Stand daily goals.
  • Start [workout] – Opens ‘Workout’ and begins specific workout e.g. “Start Outdoor Walk” starts recording an Outdoor Walkout and records details in the Fitness app on the iPhone the Apple Watch is synced with.

Of course, you can always ask Siri to open any of the individual health and fitness apps e.g. “open Workout app” or even “open Breathe app” if you need a mindful moment. This works with third-party apps too, such as Nike Run Club which comes with any Nike Apple Watch.

Are there any Siri instructions relating to health and fitness you use on your Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Health and Fitness Siri Commands For Apple Watch

  • When it is below freezing outside and I’m out for my walk, I DON’T want siri to bring up the activity info on my watch screen. My watch is buried under a coat, gloves, etc. Siri should just be able to say “10 minutes left on exercise ring” or “20 exercise minutes completed”.

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