Here’s How to Update Your HomePod Software

HomePod update light

HomePod is pretty much a hands-off device for maintenance, just like Apple TV. When software updates come out you can wait for them to install on their own, or make the update happen right now—if you know where to look. Here’s how to update your HomePod software when you want.

To install software updates on your HomePod do this:

    • Launch Apple’s Home app on your iPhone or iPad
    • Tap the Location icon in the upper left corner. It looks like an arrow head.
    Location button in Home app for accessing settings
    Tap the Location icon to get to Home Settings
    • Tap Home Settings
    • Pick your HomeKit network
    Choose your HomeKit network in the Home app to see settings
    Choose your network so you can see its settings and available updates
    • Scroll down to Speakers
    • Tap Software Update
    HomePod software update alert badge in Home app settings
    You’ll see an alert badge if there’s a software update for your HomePod
    • Tap Download and Install
    Download and install option for HomePod software update
    Tap Download and Install to start your HomePod software update

    Once the update starts your HomePod’s activity light starts a spinning circle animation. When it stops the update is complete.

    You can also disable automatic updates in the Speaker Software Update setting. I left that feature on even though I know I’ll always start the update myself. That way I know I won’t ever miss an update.

    I like that the Software Update option shows you an alert badge if new software is available. I’d like it even better if the Home app icon showed a badge when updates are available, just like Mail shows how many new messages you have.

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