macOS: How to Manage Safari Browsing History

Recently a man in the EU found that all of his Safari browsing history was included in his Apple data download. After I discussed the issue with him and compared my data download, it turns out he received a lot more information than I did. Here’s how to manage Safari browsing history, although it might still be backed up to iCloud anyway.

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Safari Browsing History

Image of Safari preferences, where you can have it automatically delete Safari browsing history.

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Go to preferences by pressing Command (⌘) + Comma, or click in the menu bar.
  3. In the General tab, you’ll see an option that says Remove history items. You can set it to automatically clear the history after a certain time, or manually.
  4. You can also press Command (⌘) + Y in Safari, which will take you to the history view. This is where you can search through your history, clear it all out, or selectively delete websites.
Image of Safari browsing history, which you can search through, delete it all, or selectively delete items.
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If you have Safari iCloud syncing turned on and you clear your history, it will also be cleared from all of your other Apple devices with iCloud sync enabled.

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