iPad Air 5 (2022) VS iPad Air 6 (2024): Worth the Switch?

The new 2024 iPad Air 6 is here, and we’re going to stack it up against the 2022 iPad Air 5 to see how they compare. One of the largest differences in the latest model is the inclusion of a new size, meaning Apple enthusiasts looking for that reliable and sleek performance may have choice-anxiety when determining a new device. To help you determine which one is right for you, I’m gonna look at the major differences between the 2022 and 2024 iPad Air models.

iPad Air 6 VS iPad Air 5: Dimensions and Specs

One of the most surprising things about the release of the iPad Air 6 is that it arrives in two different sizes: both 11- and 13-inch models are arriving at the same time for consumers. Additionally, both models include Liquid Retina displays, True Tone tech and support for P3 wide color. The new iPad Air is also getting a beefy 12MP front-facing landscape camera, and the 12MP camera on the back is capable of recording 4K videos at 60 FPS along with 1080p slow-motion videos. Colors for the iPad Air 6 include Starlight, Space Gray and the new Blue & Purple.

Compare this to the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display iPad Air 5, which also features the same 12MP back camera as the model before it. The display on this model also includes Liquid Retina, but doesn’t have the same real estate as it’s new bigger brother. Of course, the iPad Air 5 was the first iPad to support Center Stage, meaning both devices are going to be great for video conferencing. The iPad Air 5 is available in Blue, Purple, Pink, Starlight and Space Grey, meaning you have a few more options if that’s what matters to you.

With the new iPad Air, you’re getting a better screen resolution and some decent camera improvements. Both the iPad Air 5 and 6 are going to be around the same size if you’re looking at the 11-inch model, although the 13-inch iPad Air is going to be obviously larger and weigh a bit more (1.36 pounds over 1.02 pounds for both 11-inch models).

Looking at the Power of Apple Silicon

In terms of power, both the 2022 and 2024 models sport Apple silicon, but the 2024 models make the jump to the M2 chip. Housing an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU, this isn’t the largest jump between devices in terms of power, as the iPad Air 5 sports an M1 chip.

M2 Apple Silicon

While some may consider the M1 a bit outdated at this point, the 2024 iPad Air making the jump to the M2 still means better processing power overall. In fact, the new Air will be 50 percent faster than the 2022 model while delivering three times the performance.

Comparing Prices: Best Bang for Your Buck

Upon release, the iPad Air 5 started at $599 for Wi-Fi-only models, whereas adding cellular brought the price to $799. The 64 and 256 GB configurations also had an impact on the price, with more storage costing more money. This also holds true for the iPad Air 6, though storage options are now 256 GB, 512 GB and a new one terabyte option. So not only are you able to greatly expand your storage space on the newer models, but even the cheaper models provide more space over the 2022 model.

The new iPad Air launches at $599 as well, although the 13-inch version starts at $799. These numbers only increase as storage increases, and including cellular raises the price as well. However, one thing the 2024 model has over the 2022 is availability. It’s pretty likely that you won’t be able to find the 2022 iPad Air in the Apple Store, meaning you’ll have to look elsewhere online to find it.

Outside of these major differences, you can still expect many of the same great features that Apple has been providing for some time, including Touch ID, Apple Pencil compatibility, Magic Keyboard and USB-C connectivity. While you’re getting the latest and greatest going with the 2024 model of iPad Air, you would possibly save some money going with the 2022 model.

Personally, I think the new screen sizes and the jump to the M2 make the 2024 models the clear winner, but ultimately, the choice is yours. You can preorder the new iPad Air 6 now.

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