Last Chance for the World Class Mac Bundle: $24.99

World Class Mac Bundle

It’s the last chance to grab  8 Mac apps in the World Class Mac Bundle. It includes iStat Menu 5—a utility I can’t imagine not having—Freeway  Pro 7, uBar 6, Painter Essentials 5, DropZone 3, Xee 3, Data Rescue 4, and Hype 3.5. Those are solid apps, and you can get them all in this bundle for $24.99. There are detailed descriptions on each app in the deal listing, so check it out.

One thought on “Last Chance for the World Class Mac Bundle: $24.99

  • Hi Bryan

    The cupboard is bare, well at least as far as any page content is concerned – is it too late for this offer or is there an issue with your web site?

    Best wishes


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