Thesaurus, Mac OS X Style

Iive mentioned before how you can check a wordis spelling or definition quickly with the dictionary thatis part of Mac OS X. What I didnit mention is that you can use the same trick to get at the built in thesaurus -- after a quick settings change, that is.

By default, your Macis Dictionary application shows spelling and definitions. Hereis how to change that default to the thesaurus:

  • Launch Dictionary. Itis in your Applications folder.
  • Choose Dictionary > Preferences.

  • The top listed option is always the default in Dictionary.
  • Now drag Oxford American Writers Thesaurus above New Oxford American Dictionary. The top most option is always the default.
  • Close the Preferences pane.

Now any time you use the Command-Control-D keyboard shortcut, youill see a list of synonyms instead of spelling and definitions.

Thanks to TMO reader Edward Humes for asking.

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