Analyst: Get Ready for iPad mini 2 in Spring

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Apple is apparently ramping up for a spring launch of the second generation iPad mini only months after the original version shipped, according to RBC Capital analyst Doug Freedman. The iPad mini is a smaller version of the popular multimedia iPad tablet and so far Apple has had difficulty keeping up with customer demand.

New iPad minis this spring? RBC Capital thinks so."Apple's gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with [Texas Instruments] gaining content," Mr. Freedman said, according to CNET.

The iPad mini began shipping at the beginning of November with Apple reporting 3 million of its tablets sold during the launch weekend. That number included sales of the brand new fourth generation iPad, too, but was likely mostly iPad mini sales.

Mr. Freedman said chip makers are already preparing for iPad mini 2 production, which if true, would support the idea that the second generation model will be coming some time in the spring.

With current iPad mini sales still pushing Apple's production to the limit, and only a couple months of sales so far, it may be a bit premature to start ramping up production for the second generation model. Apple isn't talking about its iPad product launch road map, so for now Mr. Freedman's report falls squarely in the world of speculation.

Apple is currently trading at US$529.52, up 3.21 (0.61%).



Nice. I waited for the iPad2 to upgrade and I’m so glad I did. The first round of improvements were well worth it. I think waiting for the updated iPadMini2 will be a good move as well.

Retina is no big deal for me, but I’ll take one with an A6 and 64Gb, hold the LTE please.

bryce is right

Agree on the chip, but I can’t live without lte.  I think a lot of people are going to look silly when they said things like the “laws of physics” prevented apple from putting a retina screen in the iPad mini though.  If they can do it as early as spring, they could have done it last month.


I’ve recently used both an iPad 3rd-gen and an iPad mini and I can say that the lack of retina is very noticeable to me.  If I hold the mini slightly farther away then it’s fine, but holding it as close as I hold the iPad 3rd-gen for reading a book I can see that the mini looks like a pixelated computer screen while the retina iPad looks like print.

tl;dr I want a retina mini.

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